Context and dialpatter

Hi all!
Can anyone help with this task? Perhaps simple, but not for me.

I am using version 1.4.21 and use A2Billing

I have customers from different countries. I want to let them dial like they do if they use a landline in their country and not have to dial country code and area code every time they want to make a call to the neighbour.

I think like this. I want to create copies of the a2billing context where the copies is “localized” to fit the customers needs. I know how to write the dialpattern but I dont know how to implement it in the a2billing context so it works with a2billing as before.

Here is an example:

My a2billing context:

exten => _X.,1,Answer
exten => _X.,2,Wait,2
exten => _X.,3,DeadAGI(a2billing.php|1)
exten => _X.,4,Wait,2
exten => _X.,5,Hangup

My Dialpattern for Athens, Greece. Its a little special because they dont use 0 in areacodes. 210 is areacode for athens and 69 for all mobile

exten => _210.,1,Dial(SIP/30${EXTEN}@sip)
exten => _210.,2,Hangup
exten => _69.,1,Dial(SIP/30${EXTEN}@sip)
exten => _69.,2,Hangup
exten => _[12345689].,1,Dial(SIP/30210${EXTEN}@sip)
exten => _[12345689].,2,Hangup

Can anyone help to combine this two and I will then see how its done so I can do the rest.

Perhaps there is a better way to do this but I cant think of one

Thanks in advance

Anders, Frankfurt