Console output garbled / scrambled

On some recent install of asterisk 13.14 on a debian 9, the console keystrokes become scrambled after sending a few commands

It displays stuff like \U+59A04\U+59A0A\U+59A0A\U+59A0A\U+59A0A\U+59A0A\U+59A0A
when I hit any keyboard key. Whatever I try to type is ineffective - the output of the console (when verbose messages are issued) is fine though - just the keystrokes.

I simply connect via ssh, and perform an asterisk -rv

Any ideas what could be wrong ?


Anyone has a suggestion ? this is still happening, and no clue as to why !


I recall this happening when the “editline” library was updated and Asterisk was not rebuilt.

thanks for the heads up

that is the standard debian package, and our sysadmin is keen on using packages…