Asterisk CLI disfunction

i think this problem showed up after i update my ubuntu 16 to ubuntu 18 few days ago.

now every time i access my cli an try to type in it i just get something like :
here i was typing pjsip but it looks as above.
what is it ? how could this be fixed ?

This happens if editline on the system is updated to a newer version, but Asterisk has not been rebuilt against it. Editline made a non-backwards compatible change.


so what should i do ? could this be fixed ?

If you’ve built Asterisk yourself, you would need to clean the source copy using “make distclean” and build a new copy. If it’s from a package then it’s a problem with the package itself.

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no i did not build asterisk myself.
some people said that i could do this “./configure --without-libedit” or “./configure --with-libedit=internal” but both did not seem to work ! since there was no such a thing called --without-libedit and when i used --with-libedit i had to give it a parameter after “=” where it seems “internal” not there again !
then i tried to downgrade my libedit from 2017… to 20150325 but i could not as well … looks like that version does not work with ubuntu 18.04

Actually just

sudo make install

should do the trick, because then Asterisk adapts to your (new) system. However, if you did not build Asterisk yourself, where (or from whom) did you get it?

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yes that is true thank you mate

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