Connection to outside world - losing hope

I’ve setup Asterisk@home and internally it’s working fine. I can leave messages forward by email, lots of different things. I am really impressed.

I have been struggling for several days now to connect to gossiptel (or other gateways). I am really struggling to understand the connection between trunks , queues and outbound routing. I thought I was starting to understand, but most of the info I have is regarding Asterisk rather than Asterisk at home. (I thought they were the same but for the front end). In an attempt to understand more, I’ve tried to look for the .conf files on my system and see how changes in the AMP affect the .conf files, but I am struggling to navigate as I cannot get the X window interface to work and my command line/vi skills are virtually none existent. My X-windows just hung originally, I have now got it to the stage where when I run X, I just get a X cursor on the middle of a Graphics screen.

No matter how I set up the dial plans,I just get a womans voice(presumably asterisk generated?) saying sorry but all lines are busy.

I’d be grateful for some pointers to:
Solving my X-windows problem (I realise that this is outside the topic, but I’ve hit a dead end at the Centos forum and think if I could examine my system using a simple interface I could suss it better - the problem is that when it’s taking me 10 mins and 90% of my brainpower to find a config file then vi it, my head confuses the issue of the Asterisk problem with the Linux problem). BTW I can run GDM and get xterm windows, but nothing else.
Settings needed for Gossiptel or any other provider that works easily in the UK. (I’ve seen the Gossiptel settings on Voip-info, but am struggling to map these to what’s needed for Asterisk @ home.)

Forget Queues for the moment.

Trunks are “outside lines”.

Routes are definitions of which trunks to use (or try to use) on the basis of such criteria as the number dialled, the time of day, etc.

So you need to first define a gossiptel trunk (type SIP), and then assign
it a route.

If you send me a PM or e-mail ( with your phone number and times when I can call you when you’re in front of your computer, I will try to help you sort out your X problems.

Finally got X Windows with KDE working. Might seem irrelevant to the experts out there, but the comfort of being able to see the .conf files, copy and paste between them, browse the internet on the same system, easily and quickly navigate the file system makes things so much easier. It also allows me to focus on Asterisk problems rather than the Linux system.

I’m still struggling to get to the outside world though. I’ve had more phone conversations with my partner and children than normal though. Tend to be pretty short though :smile:.

Did you hear the music? Was it my voice or an american woman? :wink:


What do you connect you asterisk pc to is it DIRECTLY to the internet or via a router/firewall? If so what?

I am having the same issue and with the help of another person from here we have confirmed it is a port issue, in my case.