Connection Logfile

Is there a logfile that keeps track of the individual phone resistrations? I would like to know historically if a phone goes offline and comes back online by itself. I know how and where to retrieve the normal logfiles, I am just wondering if that info is elsewhere. Or better yet is there a service that I can run that will create a new logfile and or email me when a phone unregisters. Or if the connection to the phone gets unstable enough to affect call quality. I have an installation that is having problems with call quality, I always get the “there was a problem with a call, call” hours later. I would like to be able to look at some kind of history and say AhHA! there it is.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

My system is a Freepbx version 2.10 with Asterisk 1.8


You may write Your own service listening to AMI-events of Asterisk and filtering the events You’re interested in (logon logoff, qualify lost and get).
Another approach may be the usage of channel event logging - Just look into the docs whether it helps You out.
The “Standard-logs” will log these events depending on Your logger.conf while an individual routine may directly trigger actions based on the events consumed (e.g. send an SMS when an extension gets offline, suspend the extension form any Queue or whatever)