Connection drops when answering the phone

Hi everyone

I have been struggling with this for two weeks now, and finally decided to ask for help.

I can place a call to a swedish number through my Asterisk-server and RixPort80 (IP-phone gateway) from Phone1 or Phone2 with no problems. In case of an incoming call from the gateway (RixPort80), both Phone1 and Phone2 rings. However, as sone I answer one of the phones connection drops, and nothing happens (using sip).

A quick check in the log shows:

-- Native bridging SIP/018444????-10047c18 and SIP/Phone1-10065bf8
-- Got SIP response 482 "Loop Detected" back from

Please find more debug information at this url (my firewall settings, network setup, sip.conf, and debug outputs):

Running Asterisk 1.4.4 in OpenWrt

Best regards

Any suggestions on more debugging, or information, to make it easier for you good people to help me?

Best regards