Dropping Calls Occasionally

I have 6 sites with Asterisk versions :

1 at version 13.7.1
4 at version 13.11.2
1 at version 13.12.2

Originally these sites were serviced with Asterisk version 1.6 systems and phones. We replaced the systems and left the phones in place. The SIP trunk provider is the same for ALL the sites. All the routers are the same. The problem we are having is that on outgoing calls we are experiencing no audio. We get a No response to our crital packet error. I have read that version 13 has this issue occasionally and that downgrading to 11 fixes the issue. I need to resolve this issue quickyl, will going to 14 help?


I’m not aware of any problems specifically about this. The message indicates that we sent a request and the other side did not respond. I’d suggest providing a console log with SIP trace (sip set debug on) to see what is going on. You should also make sure that traffic is going where it should be and being received.

Thanks for the reply. I will see if I can get that setup. We also are experiencing (found out today, I think the customer is getting fatigued from all this) that we have one way audio in IAX calls as well, All at random times. The IAX calls are over VPNs between the sites. The IT company insists that the VPN is stable.