Can I pass audio between conferences using local channels?

Hi, I’m evaluating Asterisk for use on a project. Having read the documentation I was hoping I’d be able to do the following:

  • Create two Conferences, 1 and 2.
  • Create two Local Channels, A and B
  • Forward Channel A to Channel B (not sure if this is the right terminology but it would result in something like in Figure 1)
  • Add channel A to Conference 1
  • Add channel B to Conference 2

Would this result in audio passing between the two conferences? And would I be able to use the same strategy to arbitrary pass audio between any number of conferences?

Yes, you can use a Local channel to connect conferences like that.


I think you only need one local channel, i.e. the forwarding is intrinsic to the local channel itself.

I would guess that there would be attenuation at each hop. If not, I imagine it would go unstable if you created any loops.

(I don’t know if the conference bridge compensates for the overload caused by everyone applying maximum audio at the same time, by attenuating everyone, or not.)

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There’s options to control AGC and things, and you could certainly create a loop and have it go wild. There’s nothing protecting that.

Thank you so much for your quick responses @jcolp and @david551. Really helps. I’ll be recommending Asterisk as the way forward for our project.