Local PBX howto

Dear All,

I have two offices connected with wireless and both have hardware PBX installed. I want to install Linux based PBX for land-line phones with inter-office connectivity. I want to call both office with the help of Linux based PBX. What i need to install and what hardware i need to create this setup.


A computer, including an ethernet interface, a suitable LInux system, Asterisk.

You may also need circuit switechd digital telphony cards, or analogue ones, the Dahdi software, and just possibly other hardware and digital telephony related software, but there is far too little information to be certain of that, and of what kind you would need.

What you probably most need is to go to asteriskdocs.org/ and read the book that is there.

What kind of existing PABX? How will the PSTN connections be presented to Asterisk? What inter-PBX trunk options are available on the existing PABXes? What traffic volumes and number of lines are involved? What features, beyond basic call setup are required?

The wireless connection must be good enough to transport the voice without jitter.
If there is a lot of data already on the wireless it could be a problem.

I should have asked for more details of the wireless connection as well. I was tending to assume that it was a point to point microwave link, rather than some sort of wi-fi arrangement.

Thanks all for reply.

  1. I have wireless connectivity with 5 mbps link with current usage of 1 mbps.
  2. First office with 2 landlines numbers with 5 ext.
  3. Second office with landlines numbers with 5 ext.
  4. I want to install one linux pbx server in office first and want to terminal both landline numbers on that server and output 10 ext number that serve both office connectivity.
  5. 5 lines will use in first office and 5 will be in second through wireless connectivity just for local communication.

what i need for that ?

Not the number of extensions is important but the number of concurrent calls.