Connecting a cordless phone with a 56k modem?

This may be a dumb question but I figured I’d ask anyway :smiley:

I was wondering if it is possible to hook up a cordless phone to a regular 56k modem and use asterisk to interface with the modem and ultimately the cordless phone in order to place voip calls using a service like FWD or skype. I noticed that there are usb devices that accomplish this task but what about regular modems?

You could do it with this card from digium … ct=TDM400P

or this from digium … duct=S101I

I have read where people ried to use modems fro zap channel but dont think they had much luck

Thanks for the reply

are digium modems the only ones you can use to use a cordless phone as a remote speaker/mic for the computer? I don’t even care if you can use the numberpad on the phone or not.

I may be a little confused on what you are trying to do. Are you wanting to use a softphone on a computer with an external hand set hooked to the computer? If so ther are some usb handset devices out that do just that look here … s#id548257

Ok read the first post again I assume you want a wireles handset hooked to the computer not for sure about that one but I think there are some wireless headset that would work

basically my question is if you can use an old 56k modem that was originally intended for dial up internet access as a card to interface with 900mhz (standard rj11 jacks) cordless phones so that you can use the the phone to send and receive analog voice data. I hope this makes sense. The reason I ask is because I already have alot of cordless phones and 56k modems and I was just wondering if I could use them in this way.

Any Luck with this idea?

Not a hope in hell, i’m afraid! Modems are designed to communicate with exchange equipment - so are phones. It’s like trying to plug two male plugs together - you can’t do it.