Connect to sound card without console channel?

Is there a way to have Asterisk audio connect to a Linux sound card without using a console channel?
I have checked them out, like chan_console, chan_oss and so on but they seem to be too limited for what I would like to do.

I want to bring audio into Asterisk, then make it available to multiple sources calling into Asterisk, from which I would like to grab the incoming audio and send back to different ports on the audio card.
It’s for people calling into Asterisk providing simultaneous translations to a live event.

chan_oss apparently supports multiple audio sources, but I can’t figure out how, as it only allows me to dial into the console once, a second call rings busy.

From the example oss.conf file:

; below is an entry for a second console channel
; [card1]
    ; device = /dev/dsp1        ; alternate device

That does not work ?

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