Multi channel audio with chan_alsa or chan_oss

I need to use my multi channel soundcard as audio source for making calls - it works perfect with chan_oss and chan_alsa with one audio channel. The problem is that i have to do it with more than one audio source-channel (max 32) - i want to connect audio sources to different sip phones by using control asterisk by an extern program. I’ve seen that there is support for multi channel in chan_oss, but not in chan_alsa. Will be support for more audio devices in chan_alsa in future? Is there a channel limitation in using OSS with chan_oss? Is it possible to manage the console calls from extern? The delay should be as low as possible. I’ve tested aoss with asterisk and chan_oss, but it didn’t work - has anyone done this before? I’ve tried this because I wanted to simulate /dev/dsp* for chan_oss, but afaik is it not possible to simulate real oss device file knotes (/dev/dspX) with alsa-oss. Has anyone experience in doing something like that? Has anyone better ideas? Thanks for any tip / advice / idea!