Connect successful - cant make voice call, just hangs up


I have just install asteriskwin32, red5 media server and a web based sip phone. x-lite works fine. Trying web based sip phone and cant make voice call. All connects fine, can dial asterisk, for example, 99990 dials in and connects although does nothing else. The sip phone does state it has connected and the logs from asterisk manager looks fine:

sip show peers
3002/3002 5083 unmonitored
3001/3001 5076 unmonitored
3000/3000 5082 unmonitored

When I dial 99990 or 503 etc
(goes from showing no active channels as you would expect to showing this)
sip show channels 3000 984519549152 INVITE

It might have something to do with the fact I am testing and just trying to call another sip phone on my desktop. There is a router, although I have forwarded the ports as they should. Just cant get the voice call working.

Maybe I am missing a codec which is why 99990 works but trying to dial one of the extensions above doesn’t work. E.g 3000 dialing to 3001, just hangs up, sometimes rings once and then hangs up.

I’m so close and have read loads of asterisk stuff including downloading the asterisk o-reailly book which I am working through.

Can some please suggest what I may be doing wrong as it is very frustrating that its all connected up fine but I just can not make a voice call.

Thanks for your help, hope this is the right place for this.

One other thing: the asterisk gui throws this warning when i try and dial another registered users extension number:

WARNING “No application ‘Dial’ for extension (default, 3000, 1)”

Thanks again.

Something is seriously broken in the installation, or you haven’t keyed in “Dial” correctly.