Connect Delay In Asterisk

All experts’ I am facing issue with Asterisk FXO PSTN, as all you know when dial through PSTN it’s started Second immediately like connected call even call are in progress or alerting.

I want call will not connected until both channels started to talked/sending packet to each other.

Or add delay of answer call… hope I make clear my question, Thanks

Best solution, use ISDN.

Second best interface to ISDN through a SIP provider.

Last resort, use a provider that reverses the line polarity on answer, enable that feature.

Thanks for your reply, can’t do it more simple?
Like as we know when we dial number from asterisk server it’s sent invite to other party then sent ACK & Then sent 200 OK when we see call is UP

Can’t we set delay to UP calls even calls are connected.

I mean even calls are connected it will show connected after set second.

I hope you understand what I mean, please let me know if is it possible