Congestion without answer the call

Good morning. I’m newbie with asterisk. I have an isdn channel from my telecom provider. is there a way of returning congestion tone to some of the calls, without answering them?, so they don’t have to pay for the call.

Sure. Use the congestion command. … Congestion

But this example answers the call, so the caller will pay the fee. is it possible to redirect to an extension where will be always busy?


sent the call to Busy() but dont answer it


exten => _1XXX,1,Busy()

so all calls to 1xxx will get busy siganelled back


Thanks. I have another question. is it possible to put a call in queue without answering it?, or a way to simulate this?.
When i put a call in a queue inmediatly answer it returning on hold music to caller, until one extension from the queue becomes free.
Thanks in advance