Busy, but not in ordinary sense


Is there a solution for this…

Lets say I make a phone call from the public phone network to a voip phone and its busy, for indicate that the line is busy you do following , as I know, in your extensions.conf



But in both cases the person who makes the phonecall have to pay for the phonecall because the call has been answered.

Is there a workaround for this so that the caller dont have to ‘pay for nothing’?

Thanks in advance!


Just skip the answer part :smile:

Well, the only solution I have seen (and it really is a bad one) for this kind of “billing” problem is to make two different answer times, one that answers promptly for when the branch is available and the other that takes more time to answer and then signal busy.

If all your callers are properly instructed (which is rarely the case) they will know that if the phone rings more than x times (you can answer very fast actually if you want) it means that the branch will give you a busy signal. Of course all the usual dialers will notice that eventually: if if ring more than once, por example, it will be busy.

But once more, this is not a complete solution to the problem.