Configuring phone number ==> Asterisk


I’m new to Asterisk and have inherited a TEST and LIVE installation of Asterisk. I have a phone number, say 1760.555.1212 and I need to configure Asterisk and any other artifacts so that I can perform some operations on behalf of the caller. Basically, the caller will call 1760.555.1212 and I will run an existing Asterisk script.

I just need to know how to configure the incoming call to 1760.555.1212. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide…


Configure the transport that the call will be coming in over to recognise the source of calls and route the calls to an apropriate context of your choice.

in that context create an extension that matches the incoming number and have it execute your script.

I was considering a similar reply to John’s but on second thoughts I don’t think you have provided all the information needed safely attempt an answer.

E.g. is this analogue, ISDN, or VoIP. If VoIP what sort of VoIP?

If ISDN or VoIP, does the provider provide direct in dialling?

If so and VoIP, how do they signal the destination part of the number?

(Asterisk doesn’t support direct in dialling on analogue.)

In simple cases, you just create extensions.conf entries for the number that the provider sends to you, and you should not need a forum question for how to do that (either do it from the documentation or hire a consultant).

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