Configuring linksys phones

Can anyone give me specific instructions on how to configure Linksys phones to work with an Asterisk appliance?

Also how to I tell if the Asterisk appliance is registering properly with the ITSP? Like in the Linksys SPA9000 you can query the info tab and it will show you if it has registered or failed.

Iā€™m a newbie to Asterisk so please pardon my ignorance to simple functions. :confused:

By working with asterisk you mean registering or the dial plan as well ? If when installing asterisk you ran make examples (or something to that effect) you should see an example in sip.conf.

To see if the phone is registered run sip show peers from the asterisk CLI.

I finally found the answer and it was very simple. Go to the web interface on the phone set the following:

Go to the SIP tab and NAT Support Parameters and set:
Handle VIA Received to Yes
Handle VIA rport to Yes

Go to the Ext1 tab and set:
Proxy to the IP address of the Asterisk box
Set the User ID and Password to the extension number you set in Asterisk

Make sure Audio Configuration is set to G711u.

Submit the changes and it should register.

As stated by Dovid you can check to see it registered by running sip show peers from the CLI.