Configuring Asterisk for Call Center Agents

Am currently in the process of ferreting out as much information as I can on the web regarding configuring Asterisk as a call center suite. This will be my first attempt at this. I have three (3) general Asterisk installations under my belt thus far from the perspective of general use – multiple extensions and a receptionist at each location. This will be my first attempt at adding agents into that mix. Have found several resources thus far on the internet but thought I would cast the bait out on the waters to see if anyone out there can point me in the direction of other resources that might add to my understanding. This will not be a large installation. Likely two (2) groups of agents with five (5) or six (6) agents in each group. One thing I know that will definitely be high on their list is reports of agent activity. I have long been installer and maintainer of a two (2) Cisco IPCC Call Center setups so am familiar with a lot of the concepts. What I will need to learn is how to apply a lot of those concepts to the Asterisk language. Again, many, many thanks in advance for any additional resources you can point me towards. Will be doing a lot of reading in the next few weeks to – hopefully – ensure that I come up with a fairly good configuration on the first attempt. Thanks for listening.

If you are implementing a contact centre system and want a lot of reporting on agent activity have a look at QueueMetrics by Loway. This provides a massive number of reports on contact centre, queue, and agent activity. A very comprehensive product which provides a lot more reporting that most mainstream contact centre systems.

If you are looking for a multi channel inbound and outbound solution on top of Asterisk, pretty much scalable and ease to use for your contact center agents, I’d reccomend to have a look at xCALLY:

That is a call center software quite complete for professional use.