Config: No answer on PSTN ring 'til extension picks up

Basically what I am trying to set up here is what some may call a ‘Poor Man’s SIP gateway’.

Essentially when a call is made on the incoming PSTN line, I do not want Asterisk to answer but ring all connected extensions and send along the CID info. If an extension picks up, then asterisk will answer the PSTN line and connect the call. If an extension is not answered, Asterisk will not answer (with one caveat: If it is possible to answer AFTER our voicemail system does to detect faxes and handle them, that’d be great. But not a priority.).

On the outgoing, just pretty much leave as-is with the inter-extension functionality and an extra dialplan to get an ‘outside’ line.

But the whole ‘do not answer unless I do’ problem has me bugged on how to set it up.

Any help is highly appreciated. :smile: