Config MP-114 FXO with Asterisk 15

  • hi , I installed a Asterisk 15 on ubuntu server 18.04 lts , I tested the Asterisk with 2 phone devices and it works properly .

  • but I want how to configure the Asterisk 15 to work with AudioCodes MP-114 FXO , I hope to get the correct configuration ,
    Please Help

Br : Abd Rzj

What have you tried that isn’t working? Have you looked to see if there are any guides or example configuration out there? SIP is SIP.

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I have no idea about configuring MP-114 FXO with Asterisk , so I want to get a configuration guide .

Are you asking for a configuration guide for the MP-114 FXO itself?

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Exactly i want a configuration guide for connect MP-114 FXO with Asterisk 15