Conference with internat. speakers & symultan. translati

I work for an interpreters and translators university faculty

My technical knowledge of Asterisk is almost … zero. I need to know if Asterisk has the features needed for this kind of scenario: a conference with international speakers and interpreters doing simultaneous translation.

Basically I have:

  • speakers: people whose audio has to become available to others;
  • interpreters: each of them translates what a speaker or another interpreters says;
  • public: each of them can listen to speakers (the conference) or an interpreter (the translation);

I guess speakers are connected to an internal number and … speaking!
Is it possible to make their incoming call become what other people hear when calling another internal number?

Let’s make a practical example:

  1. speaker SA, SB and SC are in conference and their voices are available at internal number 100
  2. interpreter IA listens to any number, her/his voice is available at 101
  3. interpreter IB listens to any number, her/his voice is available at 102
  4. interpreter IC listens to any number, her/his voice is available at 103
  5. Anyone calling 100, …, 103 has to be able to listen to SA+SB+SC, IA, IB, IC

Is it possible to do this?

If it is, my idea was to test such a scenario with a few laptops equipped by a softphone and an headset.
This would be a (usable) proof of concept that we could let people do virtual conferences with interpreters.

A dedicated equipment at the moment is actually out of my scope.
BTW a decent modern PC (for example a computer with 4GB of RAM and an Athlon64x2 4200+ CPU) on a 100 mbit network how many “listeners” can roughly serve?