Asterisk and live simultaneous translations

I am investigating if I can use Asterisk for the following scenario:

I have a live speaking event of which I want to bring the audio into Asterisk with translators calling into Asterisk and providing live translations of the program.
I then want to grab the audio from the translators and make it available to external endpoints.

So an audio source is bringing audio into Asterisk (into a conf bridge e.g.) on let’s say channel A.
Several users will call into Asterisk (on channel B and C e.g.), be listening to the audio on channel A and be speaking text.
The inbound voice (flowing inbound to Asterisk ) on channel B and C I want to grab and make available to external endoints.

All of the translators need to hear the live audio stream, but must not hear what other translators are saying, so that takes the confbridge out of the picture I guess.
If that can be accomplished I could use chanspy to grab only the incoming audio of what each translator is saying.

Can anybody give me an advice on how to accomplish that?

The easy solution is to have the translators use 2 phones. 1 for listening to the audio, and another for their translation.

In both cases a conference bridge can be used, be sure to setup the bridge in a way that no one but the translator/live speaker, is able to speak.

As an alternative, you can stream the audio using something else, like vlc, icecast etc. from the translators into the conference bridge, and make the live audio available to the translators via another audio stream.

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