Asterisk intercom & "talk only" conferencing

Hello community,

We currently have the need to build a novel intercom solution which I am hoping Asterisk will be a good fit for.

Essentially we are looking for the ability for a single “admin” user to be able to listen to many “clients”. We envisage that this would probably be a conference call but welcome the communities input on this. In this conference room, the admin user will be able to hear all the client users; however the client users will not be able to hear each other or the admin user. The admin user will be able to select one of the client users and listen in on just their handset (muting the others) and whisper to just that handset (we could move them to a difference conference room?). If the system could allow the admin to whisper to multiple clients simultaneously this would be brilliant.

We envisage using the Asterisk REST api to setup calls / conferences and mute / whisper to different channels.

If you have any ideas, pointers or links to off the shelf systems I would be very interested to hear back. Similarly if you are a consultant who thinks that this falls in your purview, I would happily go down this avenue.

Thanks for your time!

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