Confbridge => how to send a DTMF signal to specific user? or Custom command

I have a SIP doorstation, when i’m doing an 1-1 call, when i answer the call, and press # during a call, it opens the door (dtmf signal)

Now i want to use a Confbridge, when now the doorstation calls, when i enter as a softphone user the conference, pressing # doesnt do anything…
I think i need to send the # signal specific to that user, is that possible?

If not, i can also send webhook to the door, it seems confbridge has some user menu’s, is there something i can do like, when during confbridge, if i press like #1 , so that a i send a webhook/curl command? I had a look at the user menu actions, are those all predefined actions? can i create a new action, so i can send something like this maybe?

same => n,Set(CURL_RESULT=${SHELL(curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://webhook....})

thnx in advance

Make sure you have dtmf_passthrough=yes in your user profile. (Default is “no”)

yes i have that configured … stilll doesnt do the trick? what should it do? how can asterisk know where to send the # too ?

Passthru simply means the # is relayed to all channels in the bridge. It’s up to each of the channels to then do something with it.

ok, i try again with it :slight_smile:

if it doesnt work, can i make some custom command instead? like when pressing “1” or “#1” during call , then excute a .php .or .py script, or even do a curl command?

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