ConfBridge and static realtime


Since the ConfBridge application doesn’t support realtime configuration, I thought using static realtime instead may be a solution. However, since the application module must be reloaded after the configuration is changed, I thought this solution is not viable.

How reloading the application module affect Asterisk working? Are the module’s functionalities accessible during the reload? How performance is affected?


Confbridge can be controlled dynamically through dialplan functions: … CONFBRIDGE

If you’re building bridges, menus or profiles on the fly via the dialplan, then you’re just reloading dialplan.

Hi Malcom,

As I understand from the docs, dialplan functions are called exclusively from the dialplan, but what I need is some sort of mechanism to call these functions externally.

Is there an interface that I can use to invoke these functions?


AMI get and set variables for functions.

For applications, you can dynamically add them and originate calls to them.

So, you mean I can create a conference dynamically by originating a call and passing the application (with the apps data) as arguments? In this case, what is the meaning of the Channel passed to the Originate action? My goal is to create an empty conference (I guess it also means no Channel) so that users can join by dialing a number assigned to the conference.