A dial in to meeting

I want to make a scenario that allow user to enter in conference by dialling virtual number with DID number in real time.Each user have DID number. how can I do this ?

Virtual number is a FreePBX term. We can’t help with FreePBX configuration.

With basic Asterisk, I’m not sure where you see a difficulty.

@david551 Thank you for your reply. What if I want to do the same thing with asterisk ? i.e. meetme in real time in asterisk. Does asterisk allows real time conf bridging ?I am using extensions.lua instead of extensions.conf .

What do you mean by real time?

Asterisk allows any channel to request that it be joined to a conference, at any time that the channel is up.

@david551 I have no static dialplans in asterisk . I have data fetched by mysql when call is going to establish using extensions.lua . That’s why I prefer "real time " word. Correct me if I am wrong . Regards.

The dialplan parts can be done with Asterisk Real Time Architecture, but ARA is third party code and the configuration for the conferencing applications may well have to be done with .conf files.

So you can do what you asked to do, as that only involved the diaplan, but you might not be able to do the whole configuration.

Thank you @david551 for your reply. Will you please explain what you says with example ? I am new for such task that’s why I am asking you.Pardon me If I am going for too basics for that.So can you explain how I make such scenario for conferencing ?