Confbridge admin_kick_last invalid command?


I have my default user set as admin=yes and passing my admin menu to my ConfBridge(). While the complete menu list is played back when the ‘*’ is selected only selections 1, and 2 work (toggle_mute and admin_toggle_lock). The one option I need the “admin_kick_last” returns error message.
What the conf looks like:
Channel Flags User Profile Bridge Profile Menu CallerID
============================== ====== ================ ================ ================ ================
PJSIP/ProviderIMS-00000000 default_user default_bridge 3way_admin_menu 7032226666
PJSIP/CellProviderIMS-00000002 default_user default_bridge 3way_admin_menu
PJSIP/ProviderIMS-00000003 A agent_user default_bridge 3way_admin_menu

Any idea what I missed?


Please provide your /etc/asterisk/confbridge.conf file – assuming that is where you define your conferences and not directly in dialplan using CONFBRIDGE variable.

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