Community registration was not easy

I wanted to ask a question on this forum. Of course I needed to register first - but this was not easy:

  • When I visit www-asterisk-org I see two prominent links:

  • Both pages are basically the same. There is a simple form which looks like a registration form. After entering my details two things happened:

    • The registration form disappeared.
    • I received a welcome email from Thomas Rock (trock-at-sangoma-com).
  • However I couldn’t log in to the community with the username/password I specified.

  • After a few days I finally found which worked for me.

Are the registration forms on www-asterisk-org/community and www-asterisk-org/join broken? Is there a reason why signup-asterisk-org is not mentioned on the former two pages?

PS: I received the error “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.” Therefore I had to break most links.

I don’t know if they are strictly broken, but I believe they are being removed very soon and replaced with a link to