Command for conference calls on a Konftel 300wx(Dect base station)


I am not sure if this is the correct place to enquire about this problem.

We are using Aterisk for our VOIP system alongside FreePBX. We recently bought a Konftel 300wx (Dect base station).

This is a analog conference phone. Before anyone ask, I am not sure why management bought a analog phone…

Regardless, the phone is connected to a FXS card and the phone can make phone calls/receive them. However we are unable to make conference calls. After contacting Konftel, they informed that I need to know the command past through to the PBX.

The problem is I don’t know how I go about finding this command. I tried finding this the usual way(Google) but was not successful.

I want to apologise from the start, if this is the incorrect place to inquire about the problem and should go to FreePBX forums, please let me know.


The only thing I can think you mean is the dialing sequence to start a conference. This is unrelated to the type of phone, and is completely dependent on you Asterisk has been configured. That configuration may be fixed for FreePBX, but we don’t support that here.

Try asking at , You will likely need the administrative login for your FreePBX system to look at it’s configuration to find the extension to call.

Thanks guys,

I will go ahead and post this on the FreePBX forums and see if someone there can help me.