Codecs iLBC on Digium D70


We have just bought Digium D60.
I installed the last firmware 2_2_0_8 and the last module 3.2.2.
I deleted the G729 codec from their configuration (sip.conf and res_digium_phone.conf).



I wanted to do the same with our D70.
But it doesn’t work !
It works only with G729.

Is this normal ?

Thanks in advance.

The list of codecs supported by model is here:

The D70 does not support iLBC.

Your setting from above should enable G.711 ulaw, alaw, and G.722 for the D70. Is the phone not advertising G.722, G.711 ulaw, or G.711 alaw with that setting?


Thanks for the list of codecs !

G.722, G.711 ulaw or G.711 alaw work fine with D70.
Is it expected that the iLBC codec can be used on D40 and D70 ?

In file res_digium_phone.conf, for codecs option, it said :

Enables or disables codecs and sets the codec priority.

How do I manage priority ?

Thanks in advance.


“Is it expected that the iLBC codec can be used on D40 and D70 ?”

No. And that answer’s found on the wiki page that I linked:

“How do I manage priority ?”

FIFO. The first one you list has the most priority and additional entries have descending priority.