Codecs.conf - where's it hidden?

In my search for solutions on how to improve the voice quality of our testbed Asterisk system I have come across references to a codecs.conf file. However, when I do a locate for that file in Linux I can’t seem to find that configuration file.

As an example, I saw this file referenced here by Digium: … 0&type=bug

I this conf file really still used? I’m running Asterisk@Home 1.0. I’m not sure if in their build they would’ve intentially left it out or not.

Thanks for any tips!

From the 1.0.2 Changelog.conf:
– codecs.conf to tune various codec options (ie Speex)

The 1.0.7 change log does not mention it so it must have been discarded. Below is a copy of the sample from 1.0.2. The only thing that used it was codec_speex.c

quality => 3
complexity => 4
; true / false
enhancement => true
; true / false
vad => false
; true / false
vbr => false
; 0 = off, otherwise, target bitrate in bps
abr => 0
vbr_quality => 5
; true / false
dtx => false

afaik its still in there. (at least it is in -head).