Not taking into account codecs.conf

I’m using Asterisk16. I want to use the codec opus with a customization of the bitrate. For doing that, I have created an entry in codecs.conf and I have referenced it from pjsip:




module show  like opus
Module                         Description                              Use Count  Status      Support Level      Opus Coder/Decoder                       0          Running           unknown OGG/Opus audio                           0          Running              core        Opus Format Attribute Module             1          Running              core

The result is:

WARNING[2965] format_cap.c: Cannot allow unknown format 'myopus'

What am I missing?

You are using an outside codec module, it may not support such a thing.

oh, thanks. I tried also with speex and it doesn’t work. Speex used to work with previous versions of asterisk.

I thought it was more a problem of not being able to read the file codecs.conf. Is it possible?


Sure, it’s possible. Without further information that’s the extent of what I can say.

I can’t comment on any outside modules or how they work.

How can I be sure that changes in file codecs.conf are taken into account? Is there anything that I should enable? Thanks

If the file is parsed for configuration and encounters an issue, then a log message will be output. Otherwise it’s up to the module to open the file and use it as it wishes. There is nothing to “enable” in Asterisk itself.

I don’t think the file is parsed. I don’t see any log message (nor that’s being loaded or wrong configured). I’m using it with pjsip instead of sip, but that shouldn’t be the problem, right?

It’s up to the codec module to parse it and use it. If it’s not doing that, then it doesn’t support it.

Hi, thanks for your help. In my server, I loaded the module and it worked! However, for the raspberry I haven’t found opus codec available for arm architecture. Is there any way of installing it?

Sangoma does not currently provide an ARM version of the codec_opus binary module.

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