Codec G.729 and G.723

I have successfully installed Asterisk 1.4 and DAHDI for Pri card and i want to used Digium pri card for outbound calls from my internal ip phones using G.729 and G.723 ,

my question is do I need to install these codecs or licence ?

i dont want any codec conversion just for dialout from ip phone to pstn using PRI provided by local teleco…

any help so that i move in right direction …

Thanks in advance…

Hi, Simple answer. Yes you will.

why are using a compressed codec on internal phones ?



Sorry i didnt explain in detail, internal mean intranet which is in different cities connected ovr IP VPN, and PRI in only headoffice so i need to use these codecs for calling out on PSTN from headoffice where Astersik is installed,

Intranet —> Asterisk (HO) —> PSTN (PRI)

just install the codec or lic too, if euro isdn (30 channels) mean 30 lic to purchase ?

Warning for codec 729 to slin is due to this ???


To use G729 you need to by the licence for each concurrent channel that you will be using and install the codec.


Thanks Ian , gr8ful to u

If you are going to need many channels of G.729 you may want to consider this card: