Codec conversion -> ulaw to g729


We are using A2Billing with Asterisk 1.4 for calling card service. The issue is that our DID is only supporting ulaw codec (the number for calling card…)

When a customer calls our DID, A2BAilling picks up the call and when they dial the number they want to call… the call is routed through our termination partner however almost every other calls the voice sounds like a robot…

It appears the there is a issue with the codec conversion. When we try to send the call directly with g729 to the A2Billing, we dont face this issue.

We do have a valid g729 lic. but we are still facing this issue. What can cause this?
We really need to use this setup as our PRI is only supporting ulaw.

I should add that the DID is actually pointed to the asterisk from our Cisco 2800 router.

You paid Digium for the license so you should be entitled to support. Give them a call.