Codec trans. path

Hello I’m making progress but ran into this warning, the termination service I use does not allow ulaw, just g729 and gsm. Could this have something to do with it or is it in the early stage. How can I overcome this issue. Thanks

Dec 7 16:53:39 WARNING[21351]: channel.c:2380 set_format: Unable to find a codec translation path from g729 to ulaw

Do you have g.729 licenses installed on your Asterisk box?

No, I do not have g729 lic. installed.

You need a g.729 license to get g.729. I’ve only installed licenses for the business edition of Asterisk but figure it’d be the same if you’re running the free version. Go to the Digium web site and buy the licenses. They walk you through the install. Good luck!


Thank you. I don’t mind getting a lic. but I think this is more of a path I missed somewhere, misconfig along the line and would like to fix it. I appreciate your reply though and again I thank you.

If the other side (the ulaw side) supports g729 asterisk can just pass through the call.