Code flow and debuging

I am very new in Asterisk.I am facing problems in understanding the flow of source. Say for example if I am writing some dialplan in extensions.conf then how to check which corresponding functions are called in the source code. Is there any way to debug the source code. Can anyone give me suggestion is there any special editor used for it.

Kindly Help.

Thanks in advance.

Nihar Deb


The Source is what Asterisk and the modules it loads are compiled from. Once compiled they are not used.

As to testing and debugging, the best way is to see if it works by settinng logging to full and setting verbose and debug to at least 12 on the *cli then see if the call succedes or fails and it will give you a good idea of why it fails, also from the cli you can check if the function or application is there for example show function DB will return the help info for the DB function.


Thanks for your suggestions.