Debugging Asterisk (Source Code)


Is there any way to see the source code which is running when the dialplan executes an application? (i.e. Dial, Hangup, Record, Monitor, etc).

In the other hand, how can extend the parameters from a original implementation of an application?

Thanks a lot.

The source code for most applications can be found in apps/app_.c in the source tree. A few, special applications, may be in the core code in the main directory.

Applications register with the core when their module is loaded, so string searching for the application name in double quotes will also help you find them.

You probably want to be on the developer mailing list or IRC channel, rather than here.

I’m also a bit surprised that you need to ask this question.

Thanks again David.

I’m a forced developer of Asterisk, so I need to understand too many things in shortly time :laughing:

I know where are the source code of the applications that I need, but I wanna know the behavior and the steps in the source code of this application.

Read the source code. That is the only thing you can do for that level of information.