Click to call Button to call Asterisk

Is this possible to If i create Click to call button on my company web site & when ever any user will click on that button with mouse that call for my toll free come to my Asterisk pbx .
Actually my Asterisk Server reciove call from my softswtich (openser )when incoming call is theer for toll free number or DID’s, Meanbs all thsi Autrhenticate with My open ser to make & recive calls.
1.When any user cleck that button then any need to make any type of interface between my web site & open ser or Asterisk if yes which tye & what is that ?
2. is theer any chance directly route that call to Asterisk.
3. what are the settings i want to do on Asterisk in conf file & any script?
Plz tell me & help me with thsi deatils or send me Link for that.
Mainly i want to create by own without any hosting so help me plz


Hi Amit,
Please go through this url . It may useful for you. … 2&Itemid=2