Cisco SIP image 8.2

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has played around with the 8.2 SIP image on a Cisco 7940/7960? I’m testing it out before I deploy it to the rest of our Cisco phones, and I noticed that when an inbound call comes in, the Caller ID string looks something like this:

John Doe

Equally annoying, Outbound calls are similar after they connect they dispalay:

The numbers after the phone number above is the call timer, and in case you were wondering is our Asterisk server.

I’m fairly certain that this will confuse our users (I won’t even tell you what happened when they had to start dialing “9” to call out…:smile: I’ve looked through the docs on Cisco’s web site, and didn’t see any way to change this. Any one have any ideas?


I also have the same problem with the latest SIP firmwares.

The issue occurs on 7940/7960 and 7970.

I do remember seeing something somewhere about this being the correct SIP way of doing things but it makes the numbers unusable.

If you get a missed call for example, it will show the number as 0208XXXXXXX@192.168.0.X - which simply will not dial through the list.

I still think they’re the sexiest looking phones though! 8)

You are right, that’s the way it shows up with the 8.2 firmware, which is the only one I have. What firmware do you have and if it does not display in this way I would like to know where to get that version.

The 8.3 firmware fixes this issue. However, unfortunately, it also breaks a few other things like the MWI.

Can you please provide the link to the download page. I have never been able to locate any cisco download page other than that for, its almost like nothing newer exists based on my search of cisco website.