Cisco IP Phone 9971 and video conferencing?

I’m looking at using Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971 with Asterisk for video calls.

According to the documentation, an add-on camera enables 2-way video calling between phones or video conferencing through a media conference unit.

Has anyone had experience video conferencing with this phone through Asterisk? Will Asterisk perform the function of a “media conference unit”? or is that something I get separately?


  I saw your post Here, Now i am looking same solution. Can you tell me you complete this task or not ? If completed then How ?

Asterisk only supports point to point video. I don’t know if it supports video at all with skinny.

Well…confbridge will allow video to be played out to more than one participant, but it doesn’t do any mixing or scaling or anything.

if some one is interested, in use ConfBridge this link my be helpful … fBridge+10

Hi David,

          I also want to make video call point-to-point but using Cisco IP Phones 9971. I have two Brand New Cisco IP Phone 9971 with Cisco Unified communication manager (CUCM) 8.6 and these Phones working fine using this method. But Now i want these IP Phones work with Asterisk PBX and behave as like they work with CUCM. 

Now i installed AsteriskNOW Software PBX Laster version 3.0.0 using this link

But my Phones not registered with with Asterisk PBX Please Tell me what i need to do ?
I want to make video call using these two Cisco IP Phones 9971.