Cisco Function equivalent on asterisk not found


We have migrated our platform from cisco to asterisk, and everything works perfect, but unfortunately there’s one function that we can’t find a simple solution. When you make a “call forward all” and you specify an extension to receive all the calls, this extension is supposed to make an attended transfer call without any problem, but since we’ve switched to asterisk we haven’t found a way to do it. As far as I know this function is CFA destination override on Cisco.

Why would the target of call forward even wan to make an attended transfer?

Normally you would test a global variable or database record, and then simply generate a tandem call to local/ which which end up with a tandem call to the device and dialled digits that correspond to that extension.

That extension could try to detect that incoming caller was on the same network, and, if both were using SIP, could use the Transfer application, rather than DIal. This would normally be done pre-answer, so would be more of a redirect than a transfer, but can be done post answer. Cisco Call Manager can handle both coses, but other peers may not be so happy.

Standard Asterisk has no means of doing outgoing attended transfers.

If the transfer is initiated by the phone, post answer, some phones implement unattended transfer as a degenerate attended transfer. I that case, the outgoing call is set up at a time when the call appears to be coming from the local device, so it would not be useful to convert Dial to Transfer.
Cisco phones and Asterisk.

Hi bestann,

We have replaced the whole platform, i mean Cisco Phones and the PBX. From now on the PBX is Asterisk, and the IP Phones are GrandStream.