Cisco extension to Asterisk trunk integration

I need have this integration
Could someone help me with it?

an incoming call (in the Cisco trk) need to end in one extension that have to enter in an Asterisk switch as a trunk.

I can not do a trunk to trunk connection between Cisco and Asterisk
I need an extension to trunk

PSTN —>Cisco—extension—>Asterisk-trunk

I appreciate the help you can provide


SIP and Asterisk don’t really have a concept of a SIP trunk. In Asterisk that tends to be something imposed by GUI add-ons.

Cisco CUCM SIP trunks have no trouble interworking with Asterisk. Why are you trying to interface a CUCM SIP extension?

Depending on what CUCM sends in the user field you either use s, or the the user field value, as you would for a simple ITSP connection or a true DID one, respectively. Outgoing you would treat it like an ITSP connection.

SIP, rather than skinny, assumed due to lack of specification.