Cisco CUCM trunk with Asterisk

During a test phase,

I have to set up a connection between a PBX Asterisk and a PBX Cisco CUCM.
So I have the following diagram:

     Asterisk     <=====================>         CISCO

extension n°. 555-560 extension n°. 660-690

For this I create a sip trunk on asterisk and cisco:


type = friend
host = (PBX IP address cisco)
trunk = yes
qualify = yes

exten => _6XX, 1, NoOp ()
exten => _6XX, n, Dial (SIP / trunk_cisco_asterisk / $ {EXTEN})
exten => _6XX, n, Hangup ()

But nothing works. I can not call any phones !

Ps: I also made the route pattern on the cisco and trunk

If you have ideas ??
thanks you, Romain

I am not sure that Asterisk likes spaces in // addresses. Other than that you are going have to provide a sufficient level of logging output to see what is going wrong, along with version information. You may have to enable sip debugging.

Note that “trunk=” is not used by Asterisk. I think it is used by some of the Asterisk GUIs, maybe FreePBX.

Asterisk works with various versions of CUCM from 4 to 8. I have no reason to believe that that ceases to be true for later versions.

PS This appears to be a support question, so should not be on this forum.

Thank you for your reply david55,

Now just the part Asterisk ==>>> Cisco works !
I can call from asterisk to cisco but not the reverse

When I do a sip set debug on, I see an error: 401 Unauthorized

My new configuration :




exten => _4XX,1,NoOp()
exten => _4XX,n,Dial(SIP/trunk-Asterisk-CUCM/${EXTEN})
exten => _4XX,n,Hangup()