Cisco dtmf-relay and dtmfmode=info

what is the corresponding setting in cisco dtmf-relay if dtmfmode=info in sip.conf?

(config-dial-peer)#dtmf-relay ?
cisco-rtp Cisco Proprietary RTP
h245-alphanumeric DTMF Relay via H245 Alphanumeric IE
h245-signal DTMF Relay via H245 Signal IE
rtp-nte RTP Named Telephone Event RFC 2833
sip-kpml DTMF Relay via KPML over SIP SUBCRIBE/NOTIFY
sip-notify DTMF Relay via SIP NOTIFY messages

T1 -> cisco as5350xm -> asterisk

  • dtmfmode=auto works but not dtmfmode=info