Cisco 7970 Presence (BLF)

Has anyone been successful in getting hints to work properly on a Cisco phone with the SIP firmware? If so, how did you do it? I’ve tried both Asterisk 1.2 & 1.4, as well as numerous different firmwares (including the latest). Any ideas?

I realize I can go the SCCP route and have it easier but I want to exhaust my options here first, since I have other non-Cisco phones in-house.

What model are you using?

Where is the Cisco going to display the information from hints?

The 7970–it has buttons that can be set up as lines or speeddials, and these can also show line states (BLF).

The 7940s don’t have lights and even if they did I would need more that 50.

I can’t tell you how to use hits with the 7970s but this is what we do with the 7940s.

We have about 50 7940s to get the status of the extension we press the services button, this runs a python script on the asterisk box which returns xml to the Cisco LCD screen.

It olny show extensions that are in use, also shows the CID of who they are talking to and if it is an inbound or outbound call.

The screen on the Cisco looks like this(four active calls); so Ext. 502 is on an outbound call to 132524

Active calls

That is neat–definitely something I would look into if I was running the 7940/60s.

I really only need for each assistant to see the light come on when their boss is on the line, so as not to interrupt him or transfer calls, etc.

Does anyone have BLF working in any shape/form for the 7970 or the 7941/7961 phones?

I can’t seem to get it to work, even with all of the patching, etc., that is recommended over at

I have been using this page as a guide for my research in getting the phones to show BLF presence: … 1%20Phones

Has anyone tried this with any success? I can’t seem to make it work–namely, how do I configure the 7970 to connect to Asterisk over SIP/TCP? I know how to patch chan_sip.c to allow for these types of connections, but I can’t figure out how to force the Cisco to connect that way.