Cisco 7960 setup

I have a 7960 running in sccp mode that coneects to Asterisk and can take calls from a sip extension, but calls into it from an analog port - station or trunk, kills Astersik immediately.
It cannot make any calls, anything I dial returns re-order and the display says “External Call”

Linux - gentoo 2.6.12
Asterisk 1.0.8
sccp 2005 08 07
7960 is running version 3-07-2-03

Any help would be appreciated.


Changed to Fedora Core 4 and * no longer dies when called from an analog port. Got "Hints’ to show the status of an analog extension, but it does not work for sip extensions. I only have the one 7960, so i do not know if it would work for another sccp extension.
I can take inbound calls all day long, but cannot dial anything out.
as soon as i select a line and press any #, it rings busy.
I have tried 3 different sccp images on the phone. all work almost identically.
I am suspecting that there needs to be adial-plan indicated for the phone. It does not load dialplan.xml in sccp mode.

If anyone has had success with 7960’s i’d like to hear from you. I want to continue to develope xml applications for these phones.

Just wondering; is there any specific reason for using SCCP vs SIP in your enviroment?

Here are some good reasons to use this channel:
o It’s native - that is what the phone hw was build for

o It’s a lot faster than the SIP image (look at the response times!)
o The sound quality is significantly better with the SCCP image
(try e.g. the CTU24raw.raw ringtone on SIP and on SCCP image)
o It has more features (XML is fully working)
o It’s possible to administer SCCP phones centrally
no loss of speeddials, etc… after fw update