Cisco 7940 weird issue

I successfully resurrected a Cisco 7940 phone from a bad flash (or at least I think I did). The problem is that I get no dial tone (or any sounds at all) through speakerphone or handset. The phone appears to be working fine otherwise. It can make and receive calls (although I can’t hear anything either way).
Could this be a configuration problem or is it just a faulty phone?

PS - I don’t know if the speakers/mic were working before the flash. I was basically sent a non working phone.


It’s been my experience that the Cisco 79xx series will generate a dialtone basically always, unless it is still booting up. If it is somehow configured (even if it is configured to talk to a phone system that doesn’t exist), it’ll give you tone. If the unit you have doesn’t give you anything for both the handset and the speakerphone… it’s probably shot.

It’s possible that it’s bad flash’d still, but I’d be surprised if you got it 99.9% working and the only thing in the flash that doesn’t work is the “make noise” portion.

I opened it up and reseated all the cable connections and cleaned the hook switch and it’s working 100%.

Thanks for your reply.