Choice of Conference Technology

I started developing a conferencing application, specifically for conferences of 40-50 people, using Asterisk 10/AMI/Confbridge. I now want to use Asterisk 13 and ARI. The (Simple) bridge functionality looks perfectly adequate for my needs - I just want to know if it is a good idea to move away from Confbridge in this case. I can’t find any documentation containing recommendations for large-scale conference use cases.

The under-the hood technology isn’t different, it’s just whether or not you want the helpers and limitations of app_confbridge. While app_confbridge provides a great degree of functionality already, there are things it doesn’t do. To extend it, you’ll be diving down into the land of C programming.

Meanwhile, ARI provides the primitives you’d use to build something similar to app_confbridge, in the language of your choosing.

Here’s one a couple of our interns wrote in ARI:

Thank you. Very grateful for this. And working with ARI is much, much more fun!