Check channel status of agent mobile number

I am dialing agent’s mobile through PRI from my asterisk server and once agent answer the call then I dial customer’s phone and track the status of channel through concise output.

however sometime somehow i missed pattern in concise output and could not get the status of channel active/or not.

is there any other way through which I can keep a check on channel status

I also tried through below code but i dont think Zap will work
exten => s,1,ChanIsAvail(Zap/2&Zap/1)

My guess is that unless you are using an instance from the last century you will have more luck with the ‘technology’ as ‘DAHDI’ instead of ‘Zap.’

It’s been a decade since I worked with a ‘copper’ circuit, so I can’t offer more.

But, what is it you are actually trying to do? Maybe ‘events’ or AMI would be a better approach.

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